Website Design by Summit Internet

Summit Internet offers a comprehensive website design service, developing and maintaining internet sites for a range of purposes.

Corporate Websites

You’ve got the visions, we’ve got the resources

Websites are a vital part of your business. They can be used for many different marketing strategies to help your business grow…  ie – a Blog, New Products, Introducing staff members, Showing off your reviews, showcasing your work. As well as providing a space for your social tribe to be directed to and have 24/7 access to news and products surrounding your business.

Your corporate web-site can provide valuable information for your clients/customers [past, present and prospective} with regards to:

  • – Company story [How your business adventure started]
  • – Work photos
  • – New products / services offered
  • – Staff Members
  • – Availability of stock
  • – Blog [which can be connected to your social platforms – twitter, FB, G+, LinkedIn etc to auto share when posts are published]
  • – Your online store



Of course, the opportunities are endless when it comes to your website and what you chose to put up and share. Summit  Internet will work with you to ensure that your site is tailored to your business and your visions + goals.


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Personal Websites

Personal websites create the opportunity for people to create an interesting project and reach a worldwide audience. You can include information on yourself, your family, your interests – anything you like.

Despite common belief, web-sites are not strictly for commercial use – many people enjoy having their own homepage, as a fulfilling hobby and side-interest

Association Websites

An excellent information hub for community organisations – schools, sports clubs, fan clubs, support/protest groups and others. By developing a website for your organisation, you can reach a far greater audience and provide your members with a valuable service.

School’s can use their internet sites as a source of information for students and parents. The site may include a variety of resources, for example:

Events calendar
Exam timetables
Course details
Support materials for students

We will develop your site using the latest tools, ensuring that you get the most out of your web-site. To make your site as interesting  and visually appealing as possible. We can incorporate graphics, feedback forms, links and more – all laid out professionally, accurately and in line with your goals.

Growing your website audience

Your website is YOUR space, YOUR dream, YOUR goal. Keeping it updated with fresh original content that’s published regularly provides value to your audience and helps with your SEO strategy. It can also provide great content for your social channels to link back to [which Google loves], giving your social media tribe another platform to see and share your products/services from. Social Media is a powerful tool, it’s a great idea to use it to showcase your business. If you need help or advice on this, some info can be found here or you can contact Megan. Living in the Hawkesbury area since we started little ol’ Summit Internet we know alot about the different aspects of running a small business and how important they are to our community

Due to the varying difficulty of designing web-sites, the cost of the web-design service will be different for every project. For an obligation-free quote, please email us with your requirements, and either Megan or Bill will be in contact with you.